We are supplier of MSA(USA) make gas Detectors. We supply IR type gas detectors and open path gas detrectors. Below is our product

Permanent Gas Detection Ultima® XL/XT Series Gas Monitors

Ultima XL/XT Series Gas Monitors are economical continuous gas monitors. Single-sensor units use cataytilc ectrochemical, and infrared gas detection technologies for combustible and toxic gases and for oxygen deficiency. HART Field munications Protocol running over 4-20mA output provides convenient setup, calibration, and diagnostics

The hand-held HART communicator, controller or laptop provides a display, while local calibration employs LEDs and push-buttons. The Ultima XL Gas Monitor and Ultima XL Infrared Combustible Gas Monitor are explosion-proof with a stainless steel

  • Enclosure, while the Ultima XT Gas Monitor is in a general purpose plastic housing.
  • Sensor disconnect-under-power without declassifying a hazardous area
  • Interchangeable smart sensors; no reconfiguration required
  • One circuit board for increased reliability and easier serviceability
  • Calibrate, set up or perform diagnostics with HART from any point along the 4-20mAline
  • Easy installation with two-piece field wiring connectors
  • Asset management using HART interface
  • Adjustable full-scale range

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Ultima® XE Gas Monitor

The Ultima XE Gas Monitor offers the latest in mechanical and electrical technologies for the continuous gas monitoring of combustible and toxic gases, as well as oxygen deficiency. HART Field Communications Protocol provides increased sensor data, part of cost-effective asset management. HART also provides convenient setup, calibration, and diagnostics. Calibrate, set up or perform diagnostics with HART from any point along the 4-20mA line. HART allows for existing component install and wiring to be used, reducing installation costs. Advanced features of the Ultima XE Monitor include:

  • DuraSource technology offers improved sensor life.
  • FM,UL,CSA,ATEXandIECapprovals.
  • World-class design features one electronics board for maximum reliability and serviceability. The 316 stainless steel, multiple-entry mounting enclosure enables problem free installation and servicing.
  • Disconnect under power, allowing for replacement of sensors in hazardous areas.
  • Interchangeable smart sensors, making installation and replacement extremely easy. New sensors are recognized, triggering automatic alarm and relay setting reconfiguration.
  • State-of-the-art display conveniently alternates between sensor reading and gas type, and features scrolling diagnostic messaging.
  • Onboard LEDs and relays provide increased indication of alarm and fault conditions.
  • SIL-2 Certified

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Ultima® XIR Infrared Gas Monitor

The Ultima XIR Gas Monitor provides a microprocessor-based, infrared-point gas detector for continuous monitoring of combustible and carbon dioxide gases and vapors. The Ultima XIR Monitor utilizes al-wavelength heated-optics echnology, providing definitive mpensation for temperature, humidity and aging effects. The IR technology offers excellent long-term stability, eliminates the need for frequent calibrations and reduces the overall cost of ownership. The Ultima XIR Monitor offers the same features as the Ultima XE Gas Monitor plus advanced features including:

  • FM, UL, CSA, ATEX and IEC approvals.
  • DuraSource technology offers improved sensor life.
  • Field-selectable algorithms for a variety of hydrocarbonbased gases.
  • "Fail to safety" operation - designed without a sintered disk
  • SIL-2 Certified

The Ultima XIR Monitor eliminates the need for gas calibration-a simple zero adjustment provides reliable accuracy. It operates over extended temperature ranges, has a rapid response time and is immune to sensor poisoning. The Ultima XIR Monitor functions in both high-gas and low-oxygen environments and contains no moving parts, jumpers, switches or pots.

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Ultima® X Series Gas Monitors with X3® Technology

Ultima X Series Gas Monitors with X3 Technology provides continuous monitoring of combustible and toxic gases and oxygen deficiency. X3 Technology is "X to the Power of 3" and brings multisensing, signal boost and ModBus output to the Ultima X Series Gas Monitors. The technology allows three sensors to be inputted into one Ultima X Gas Monitor and provides a ModBus RTU output. Each sensor can be remoted up to 3,000 feet from the monitor.

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9020/9010 & Gas Guard XL Control Module

MSA's new 9010/9020 LCD Control Units are designed to offer maximum flexibility to work in conjunction with a wide variety of remote sensors to provide reliable gas detection in a wide range of industries and applications. Advanced design using SMD components throughout and innovative features put the 9010/9020 LCD Control Units a step ahead of any conventional gas warning system.





The GasGard XL Controller from MSA is a versatile and easy to use controller for monitoring toxic and combustible gases, and oxygen deficiency. This controller provides protection from potentially hazardous conditions in a variety of industrial, chemical, municipal, and waste water applications.

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Passive catalytic detector (100% LEL). 47K is designed to detect potentially hazardous centrations of flammable gas & vapour in air. Approval: ATEX approved for Group IIC

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Suprema® Control System

The MSA Suprema Control System offers the new standard in flame- and gas-detection technology. This state-of the-art system features modular redundancy for the monitoring of 4-20mA output sensors, smoke detectors, heat sensors, manual alarm call points, pull stations and more. Designed to meet a wide range of safety needs, the Suprema Controller offers:

  • Signal processing for up to 256 inputs and 512 outputs per controller.
  • A modular, intelligent safety system that is field configurable and provides a distributed bus technology architecture to ensure fail-safe internal data transfer.
  • Easy installation, commission and reconfiguration.
  • Minimal maintenance, keeping the cost of ownership low.
  • ATEX safety approvals and TUV approval for up to SIL3 systems and NFPA72 compliance.


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